Male breast reduction manhattan

Weintraub always strives for the best, as he understands that patients will live with the result for the rest of their lives. Once you have decided to make this exciting new change and undergo male-breast-reduction in NYC, you will need to provide medical clearance from your family physician. Weintraub insists on the most sterile conditions in the Tomassi nude York City operating room, with board-certified anesthesiologists and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment commensurate with the highest hospital standards. The most common site for liposuction in the male patient is the waist love handles and breasts. Weintraub prefers his gynecomastia patients to be in a comfortable state of twilight sleep, where the patient is unarousable and is awakened only after the procedure is over.

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Male breast reduction manhattan
Male breast reduction manhattan
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Weintraub and his staff will be happy to discuss male breast reduction with you. Usually the patient is seen by his pediatrician or general internist to rule out these causes. Many things can be responsible for gynecomastia, including genetics, aging, hormonal imbalance, drug or alcohol abuse, or health-related issues. Many men big breast bath embarrassed by excess tissue of the breast, which can show through clothing and protrude awkwardly.

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Male breast reduction manhattan
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Male breast reduction manhattan
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Male breast reduction manhattan
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For men seeking a firmer-looking chest with defined pecs and lean torsos, gynecomastia surgery can produce sculpted, long-lasting results. Normal manual liposuction is quite difficult in the presence of this fibrous breast tissue. Questions can be answered, and fears allayed. The only person performing the surgery is Dr. The operation is usually performed as an outpatient in our fully accredited office facility or at tgp twink hospital.

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